Vampires vs. Zombies

by T Akery May 4th, 2012 | Game Reviews, Online
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Zombies are threatening the world. Those brainless masses are under the control of a voodoo leader intent on taking over. The vampires aren’t happy. They are the rulers of the underworld, and they aren’t going to easily give up control. It doesn’t take long before the cries of war echo across the realm. As the vampire commander, you have to gather the resources needed to defeat the zombies.

The first impression of this game is that it was going to fun and interesting. The storyline was definitely intriguing enough to put some expectations on the game; however, instead of moving hordes of vampires around and seeing cool weapons ripe for zombie killing, you got a game similar to the Farm Frenzy series. It is more about collecting things and meeting goals than killing zombies.

The game does allow you to kill some zombies, but the graphics on these kills are a little bland. They just kind of fall apart leaving some zombie dust behind which can be sold. The female vampires have more action scenes than the zombies have. Aside from this disappointment, I did like the other game graphics, especially the twisted looking death pumpkins.

There was also a little disappointment in the sound effects. The talking was limited to the beginning, and some of the creepier characters could have used voice enhancement. Plus, the death of a zombie was a rather silent affair while the female vampires let out high pitched squeaks.

The biggest disappointment in this game is that it takes a player who knows all the secrets of playing a resource gathering game like Farm Frenzy in order to reach gold on all the levels. The time limits are so highly ramped up that other than the first level, gold is practically impossible. For perfectionist game players, this aspect will certainly put you off to this particular theme. This is the main reason why it isn’t a four star game.

Vampires vs. Zombies turned out to be a little more disappointing than the story promised. If you like the Farm Frenzy series, this is a twist, but the game can quickly get frustrating on beating the timer. If you like hitting gold in your games, you will have to settle for silver if you want to get past the second level. You might want to look for a bundle but it is not worth buying at full price.

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