Tradewind Caravans

by T Akery May 7th, 2012 | Game Reviews, Online
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Tradewind Caravans is probably one of the more versatile online games. It is a trading game where you ferry goods from city to city, but there are plenty of quests to accomplish if you decide to play the story mode. You can choose from six different characters. Each character has its own story to complete. You can play all the characters, and there is no set order to play them in since each story is independent from the others.

Once you have chosen your character, the first few quests are designed for you to get a feel of how the game is played before more cities are opened up. You can also start buying goods right away even though your money, and the amount you can transport, is limited. Once you complete the initial couple of quests that are indicated by exclamation marks, side quests and new cities become available for trading. The trick is to keep an eye on the price of goods so you know when you are getting a good buy.

There are quite a few nuances in the actual trading, but you really don’t have to understand how that all works in order to make a little profit. Just the basic concept of selling goods for more than you bought them for will help you avoid the moneylenders. If you are really desperate for funds, a few fights between the cities will provide you enough money and goods to avoid using any moneylenders whatsoever.

The real pitfalls of this game are two-fold. The first is that you are limited to 15 in troop numbers and caravan numbers. You can’t exceed this number by buying extra space. So once you hit your max, you either have to sell or release troops from their contract.

The second pitfall is the graphics. Once you are at maximum space on caravans and troop numbers, the group traveling behind you becomes this long convoluted line which becomes annoying if you want to avoid fights. It is worse if you intend to turn around, as all the members of the party have to double back to follow you. Plus, there is no quick way to go from one side of the map to the other. So it tends to be a lot of back and forth.

While I like the variety and the length, the graphics could use a lot of work. It is a game I would consider purchasing if it were a part of a bundle package or deeply discounted.


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