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by Anna P. February 4th, 2010 | Console Games, Game Reviews, Nintendo DS
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own boutique? Try Style Savvy, a Nintendo DS game in which you play the “stylist” as you assist virtual customers and help them choose fashionable clothes and accessories. This simulated game is more about tapping into your creativity. It is not the kind of game for those looking for a challenge.

You’re living in a large city, and you start out working in someone else’s boutique. Grace manages Strata, one of the city’s best boutiques, and she works as your mentor throughout the game. Renee is your co-worker, and while she is helpful, she is competition. Dominic is a businessman who helps you launch and run your own shop. Godfrey is his assistant and sometimes the middleman as you have to go through him to get to Dominic. Rococo is a fashion expert who runs the fashion shows that you will compete in to win prizes and prestige. You will meet other characters in the game that while they are not that significant at helping you, they are sometimes important. Remember always to pay close attention to the key figures above as they really help you throughout the game.

The aim of the game is running a shop and selecting a certain item to keep the customers happy. You will get a lot of customers, each of whom has her own distinct personality and style. Pay attention to each customer’s stats and what they are wearing as it will help you assist them in the game. Most of the time it’s easy to help them select their item du jour (dresses, sweater, pants, etc.), but sometimes it’s not. With each customer you get three chances to select an item that she likes. If in the end, you cannot please her, rest assured that she is pleasant and probably will come back again. The key to success in this game is to frequently stock your shop with a variety of clothes and accessories from various brands. Go frequently to the Buyer’s Center to stock up on a fresh variety of clothes for everyone. Mind your budget, and don’t go over the limit.

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    Is there a computer version of style savvy?

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