Spooky Mall

by T Akery March 9th, 2012 | Game Reviews, Gaming System
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Spooky Mall is a time management game that taps into the paranormal. Even the paranormal need a change in their diet, and it is up to you to make sure your shelves are stocked for these buyers. Your customers are ghosts, vampires, pirates, a Jack O’ Lantern, Frankenstein, and even a clown.

The game play is very similar to Supermarket Mania where you run around filling your shelves and making sure the store is clean. There are a few differences between the two even if they do look a little similar. In Spooky Mall, you have additional challenges such as teaching customers about the products, stopping shoplifters, and keeping track of Jack’s pumpkin head. In addition, if you keep certain customers happy, they provide extra bonuses. The superhero automatically refills your shelves. The pirate gives you a chest full of gold. These are the two most useful bonus characters you want in your store.

The creepiest part of Spooky Mall has to be the clown. Not only is the clown rendered in a creepy manner, it is a little out of place with the rest of the paranormal creatures. It also tends to be the messiest and most annoying of the customers, because you have to keep track of it to stop it from making a mess. On the clown alone, the name Spooky is justified. The rest of the characters – even Frankenstein and the vampire – aren’t really that spooky at all.

This game does run on the long side which is good. There are five stores to play in, and each has twenty levels which can be played. You don’t need to play all of the levels, because after a certain number a new store opens up.

The bad aspect is that this is highly reminiscent of Supermarket Mania right down to the Milkshake machine and juice maker. The game play is also familiar as you balance filling shelves with aiding customers. Plus, you can’t actually upgrade your character even though there are upgrades for the other stuff.

If you are looking for dark, scary, and creepy characters, this game isn’t it. With the exception of the clown, every one else is pretty tame and even the stores themselves are bright and clean.

For fans of Supermarket Mania or for those looking for a decent time management game, this game is worth looking at; however, if you want the dark and scary, skip it. It won’t give you much of a scare unless you are afraid of a clown.

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  1. Gemma says:

    I can’t to the milkshake on level 8 i can gather the food but it will not let me click on the table to make the milkshake?

  2. T Akery says:

    I am not sure if you have a game glitch or not. There are three milkshake ingredients, the milk, the pineapples and the ice cream. I know it won’t let you make the milkshake if you don’t have all three items. But you should be able to click on the table regardless of this fact. You can try reinstalling the game or contacting the company you got the game from if it is a technical issue.

  3. B says:

    Where does it tell you what ingredients you need to make a milkshake, what you need to wrap a gift, and all other “gather ingredient” items?

  4. T Akery says:

    The ingredients have these sparkles around them after you click on the table to build the milkshake. In order to make them, you have to click on the table, then click on the ingredients and then go back to the table. For the milkshake, you will see sparkles around the milk, pineapples and the ice cream.

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