Snark Busters

by T Akery March 14th, 2012 | Game Reviews, Online
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Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club is a hidden object game with a puzzle solving twist. You track down pieces of equipment that can be used to find other equipment or to open up new doorways. The major feature in this game is that the mirrors are doorways into new scenes.

The story begins with a young woman who is looking for adventure. Yet, her rich father, in a misguided attempt to keep her out of trouble, locks her in her room. When a strange note appears, the temptation to find the Snark is too alluring to ignore. She escapes from her fortified room in search of the Snark. Along the way, you explore some very strange landscapes, and you have to open door mirrors. In addition, you get the chance to check the news about your disappearance.

The game only contains about six levels. At the beginning, the game seemed it would be a lot longer, because there were three areas for each level, including a mirrored one that you could travel back and forth between. Despite this promising beginning, the later levels seemed much shorter and a lot less detailed than when you start.

The other problem that this game has is that it never really delivers its promise to be a quirky puzzle solving game. While the first tool you used is certainly imaginative, the rest of the tools fell flat. An experimental laboratory should have more to it than just invisible ink and broken wires. It just needed a little more imaginative use on the tools that were provided.

The game’s short playtime might appeal to those who want a quick game, but when purchasing the game, this is a complete turn-off. The later levels came nowhere near the creativity that the first levels showed.

Overall, this game is middle of the road. It promises a lot and delivers very little. While I liked some of the more quirky features such as mirror travel, other levels just didn’t hold up quite as well.

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