Renovate & Relocate – Miami

by T Akery November 12th, 2015 | Game Reviews, Online, PC
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RRmiamiRenovate & Relocate – Miami is a hidden object game which tackles the art of home renovation for clients. But this game is so bad that it isn’t worth wasting your time even if you like renovation games. In fact, don’t even waste your computer space.

You are sent to Miami to help a developer renovate properties and that is where the game dies. The first task is to get your ticket to travel to Miami. You can run through the tutorial but it is all standard stuff with the hidden object scenes and what to do with the objects.

The worst part of this game is really the game play. You only have two spots for objects. So as you would expect, there isn’t all that much to explore in each area. At most, you get one hidden object scene along with a couple of free objects. You can’t gather more than two objects because the inventory won’t let you. The game tries to flesh it out some with a scene where you have to click a certain number of objects but those are just dull.

Once you have cleared out a scene, you are allowed the chance to decorate. While there are six choices for each decoration item, the game gives you absolutely no indication of what the client likes. So, you really can’t pick up any design scores or anyway to tell that you gave the client what they want other than at the end commentary. But your employer is always very happy with the job you did no matter what you selected. It takes a lot from the game that they didn’t add some way to actually design the spaces to the client specifications.

For other scenes where travel is required, the challenge was minimal at best. It was also way too predictable on the steps you had to take to get a ticket. It felt as if the developers forgot they were making a game.

The game does talk which is a nice break from endless background music. But most of the conversations were inherently uninteresting and only directed at your next task. They did have some bad animated scenes though.

While some hidden object games are good, this one is just really, really bad. Between the game play and the lack of design input, there was nothing all that fun in this one. Skip this one even if you like hidden object games. It is totally boring and not the least bit interesting in the renovation department.

2 stars

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