Northern Tales 2 Game Tips

by T Akery November 20th, 2013 | Tips, Tricks, & Cheats
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tips tricks cheatsNorthern Tales 2 is a time management game in which you have to repair buildings, clear out debris and rebuild bridges with the help of workers. Collect the stars to unlock the bonus levels. The game follows the story of the cleanup of the towns after the destruction in that happened in the first series. If you have played the first, then many of these strategies are the same.


Getting that second Viking up and running as quickly as possible is an important part of beating the clock. In many cases, you will get enough material to get that second one and still have some leftover for the repair of buildings. Upgrade the tree house as soon as you get the required amount.

Building Upgrades

The most important building to upgrade is the warehouse. This will limit you in the game if you aren’t careful. You should do this as soon as possible. Make sure you also get the farm up and running first. Food will limit you as much as a lack of building supplies will. However, you do not need to max out on every building in the game. Maxing out all the buildings in some levels can hurt your time because you have to wait for those resources to build back up again.

Clearing Paths

The most important paths to clear first are the ones to the stumps that regenerate the supplies you need. Often, you may find yourself short on food or building materials. Collect these early to get your buildings up and running as quickly as possible. Sometimes, you will need to build a hunter’s hut first to get to the buildings. This is why you want these regenerating supplies handy.


The time freeze bonus and the speed up bonus are the most handy. Use the time freeze bonus as often as you can especially if you have to wait on supplies. If you don’t need supplies, go for the speed instead. Some levels will slow the Vikings down because of ladders. Only use the resource bonuses when you really need to. But if you don’t have a choice, opt for the one that will help you the most.

Once you have acquired the necessary number of stars, you can play the bonus levels. They work exactly like the other levels and you can earn stars from them. Don’t forget you can also replay levels to beat the clock. If you are having trouble with one game style, then you should switch to a new game and try that.

These are just a few tips to help you through this game and reach all three stars. Don’t forget to play the bonus games when they appear.

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