Farmington Tales 2 Game Tips

by T Akery December 25th, 2013 | Tips, Tricks, & Cheats
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tips tricks cheatsFarmington Tales 2 – Winter Crop is a hidden object game in which you have to save the farm from the evil bankers. There are elements of free play throughout the game. Puzzles also appear randomly and need to be solved. There are some achievements you can earn during this play.


Planting and selling crops is a main part of this game. You can do this on the main farm page. Little bubbles indicate exactly what the crops need. Save time by clicking on these bubbles and you will be automatically transported to the area. It will cost you some money to plow and plant the crops. Make sure you have some money on hand for planting crops. It will also cost you money to feed the animals.


The upgrades are purchased on the market screen. If you have enough money, you can purchase all the blueprints at once. There is no direction on what to upgrade or when to upgrade. You can either concentrate on getting the most money out of the marketplace or unlocking additional seeds and products by buying and then building the different structures. There is no wrong way to purchase upgrades.


There are a few different mini-games that you will encounter. Some of the puzzles will stop you from doing certain things such as watering your crops. You will need to address these issues. The first few levels of these are fairly easy. But if you do have trouble, you can skip with no penalty.

Hidden Object Scenes

There are three optional tasks in the hidden object scenes. The first is the collection of three jewels. These are pretty easy to spot since they are often the shiniest things in the picture. The second tasks are posted at the top of the screen. They are centered around on how you collect the objects. You can earn a little extra cash by filling all of them. Finally, there are quest items to collect. Build the dog house to help you identify these items.

Even though there is no time element, these tips should help you through the game and collect a couple of achievements in the progress.

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