Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise

by T Akery September 30th, 2013 | Game Reviews
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delicious emilyEmily has finally married Patrick in Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise and they have taken off on a cruise. The cruise ship is owned by Jimmy who is married to Emily’s sister. But as always, there’s a need for help on the ship in this time management game.

If you have ever played the Delicious series, you know exactly what you are getting into with this one. They did make some nice changes to it though, but it isn’t quite enough to take this game to four stars.

For once, Emily is not at the helm or in the kitchen. Instead, she and Patrick are told to relax. Instead, you have the major characters that you have run into before such as Patrick’s mom, Emily’s mom and dad, her sister and a few other characters that have popped into the series. Each level is a bit different on who you play. So, it is a nice change of pace to play these different people.

The game play is still basically the same as you serve the customers. In addition, you have to help Emily and Patrick relax enough to earn a gold heart. This is done by placing them in a spot and serving them as well. If you get the five hearts, you only have to serve them between two or three times. But you can do it as many times as you want until you get the gold heart. There is also the mouse to catch during each level. Some levels will also provide you the opportunity to snap photos for album.

The game also takes advantage of Facebook and online videos. After each level, you can share what you did. Although, clogging up your Facebook page with a game seems a bit over the top.

They did bump up the graphics just a bit and made the characters a bit larger. But the overall look is still exactly the same. There did seem to be some scale issues in some of the levels though.

Musically, the game has the same sound track that they need to retire. In the future, they should be adding voice overs and such to the commentary. The game is really past that point.

This series is a decent time management game with some nice changes. But they still could have bumped it up to a little. It isn’t the worst game in the series. However, it also isn’t the best.

Editor’s Note -Check back Wednesday, October 2 for tips on how to win this game.

3 stars

Comments 28 Responses to “Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise”
  1. Cat says:

    Stuck! Can not find the mouse in 17-4, help!

  2. T Akery says:

    Spoiler Alert…

    The mouse in 17-4 is located on the right side of the screen near the coffee area. You really can’t see him. But if you click right above the oven area when you hear the mouse noises, you should catch him. If you are still having a hard time finding him, pause the game and look really hard in that area.

  3. Tracy says:

    I’m stumped, every mouse in all levels except 14-5 please help!

  4. T Akery says:

    Spoiler Alert…
    The mouse on 14-5 is located in the daisy pot between the hot tub and the chairs where Emily and Patrick are hanging out.

  5. Jan says:

    I can’t seem to make expert on levels 17-1 & 17-4, anyone have any ideas? TIA.

  6. T Akery says:

    Spoiler Alert…

    For both levels make sure you pile on the 3 of a kind points by ringing up three people at the same time. Make sure that you are also grabbing multiple orders when you serve for the extra bonus points. It is okay to let customers wait for a second to grab these bonus points. If they are from a table, just send the singer over to them.

    The extra points on level 17-1 are from the collection of the packages. Don’t forget the mouse which is also located in front of the cash register. Level 17-4 has the hardest mouse to find, he is located near the coffee table more toward the bottom. You should catch him when filling the coffee orders.

  7. norma says:

    cannot find the mouse on level 17-5 did do it a couple of times but did not get expert score so had to go back again and still no mouse!!!!

  8. T Akery says:

    Spoiler Alert…

    The mouse on 17-5 is in the water behind the stage very close to the curtain on the right hand side. He pops up fairly quickly in this level.

  9. sharon says:

    i am stuck on level 7-4 where Emily goes to do the magic trick nothing happens I have tried to do it over an dove but no luck can anyone help

  10. T Akery says:

    You are supposed to take a picture of Emily when she does the magic trick. You don’t actually interact with her at this point. Just click on the floating camera to snap the picture.

  11. Jen says:

    Stuck on 7 4. Emily just stands there by the magic hat and nothing happens a. She just gets mad. Also I can’t. Get all the pics to work.


  12. Jen says:

    Need help with pics. It doesn’t seem to work and in 7 4 Emily just stands by the majic hat. I do not get an option to take a pic. Help

  13. T Akery says:

    What is supposed to happen on 7-4 is Emily pulls out a cat out of the hat. It really sounds like you have some sort of technical glitch. You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If that doesn’t work, then you need to contact the company you got the game from and inform them about the issue. You could also try playing the game in a window rather than on the full screen if you are having animation issues. That might help speed things up on the animation side.

  14. Claire says:

    Can anyone tell me where the mouse is on 16-5? I’m so tired of playing that level trying to find it!

  15. T Akery says:

    The mouse on 16-5 is located on top of the cabinet where the puppets are. It is right above the mermaid puppet.

  16. Lynnie says:

    Can someone tell me Everett the mouse is on 13.5 it’s driving me crazy

  17. Lynnie says:

    Can someone tell me Where the mouse is on 13.5 it’s driving me crazy

  18. T Akery says:

    Spoiler: The mouse on 13-5 is at the top right hand of the screen to the left of the mannequin on the far right. He pops up behind the clear railings. Look for him after the half-way mark.

  19. Sammy says:

    Please can someone tell me where the mouse is in episode 4.5 I can hear it but not see it…thanks

  20. T Akery says:

    Spoiler: The mouse on 4-5 is in the glass in front of the place where you serve the meat, vegetables and potatoes. It pops up on top of the meat on the left hand side.

  21. Linda says:

    Hi where can I find the mouse in level 16.4??

  22. T Akery says:

    Hi. The Mouse in level 16-4 is to the right side of the door to the kid’s room in the window. If you have gotten the lollipop upgrade, it pops up right above that.

  23. Alizabeth says:

    Where is the mouse in episode 9-5?

  24. Christie says:

    Ep 18 level 4 mouse please I haven’t had to ask until now 🙁

  25. Christie says:

    Any help would be awesome lol

  26. T Akery says:

    The mouse on episode 9-5 is right above the male mannequin. You can find the mouse on 18-4 in the speed boat right above the sign.

  27. Nanette says:

    Where is the mouse in episode 13 level 3?

  28. T Akery says:

    The mouse in episode 13 level 3 is located above the earrings and watch to the right of the cash register.

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