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Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise Game Tips

by T Akery October 2nd, 2013 |

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Tips Tricks Cheats 2Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise is a time management game that follows the story of Emily. In this one, she and her husband are on their honeymoon. As a result, the other family members step in to help out. In a change of pace, the family serves the customer while Patrick and Emily chill out. These game tips will help you get the Gold heart and the Gold star. The mouse you will have to find on your own.


Serving customers is the way to score points in this game. Make sure you are serving all of the items at once for an extra bonus. If you can, pile on two or three customer’s orders for an additional bonus. It is okay if you make them wait for a few seconds, the additional bonus is worth more than you will lose on the tip. Put food on that has to cook first. Then gather up the other items. Additionally, some items have to be frozen. So, throw these items on in a spare moment especially if you only have one. It will save you time.


Some food items have mini-games associated with it. It is really only one mini-game where you click when the lever is in the green. Don’t worry about your character not being right there when it is finished. Just click on it at the right moment and the food is right there waiting to be picked up. You can leave it there indefinitely until you need it.

Other Tasks

Occasionally, the game will have other tasks such as package collection. Don’t ignore these as it is impossible to get the expert level without these score bumps. Try to do stuff at the beginning because it will get harder near the end of the timed level.

Golden Heart

The bonus part of this game is acquiring the Golden Heart. It is fairly easy to do this. Just click Patrick and Emily and send them to a station. Serve them as you would a customer. Do it quickly so you get all five hearts. If not, you may have to do this multiple times. You also want to earn this heart at the very beginning of the level since things can get rather busy later on. Some levels only have Patrick or Emily and one level it is two kids. But it works the exact same way.


There will be some clues that it is time to take a photo. Odd props will show up during that particular level. Watch for the characters to move around from their chairs. That will signal that the camera will be popping up shortly. Just click on it for the picture.

These tips will help you get through this game. Don’t forget you can replay the levels if necessary. Finally, don’t forget to find the mouse for the bonus on each level.

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60 Responses to “Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise Game Tips”

  1. Sheila says:

    I cannot get the memorable moment to pop up on a couple of the levels. I have all the hearts and read your comments but you seem to just be telling what the moment is instead of how to bring it up. Is there something I’m missing or not doing?

  2. T Akery says:

    The memorable moments pop up as a part of the game levels. They don’t require you to do anything special to active. Your only task is to watch for them in the level and click on the camera at the right moment. If you are having trouble, it could be due to a technical glitch. You should contact the company you got the game from and inform them of the issue. You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if that fixes the problem.

  3. div says:

    Hello I am having trouble finding the mouse on level 5-4(spa)

  4. T Akery says:

    The mouse on level 3-4 is at the spa is in the ice at the bottom middle of the screen.

  5. rocky says:

    I can’t figure out how to trash food items in level 17 if you make a mistake.

  6. T Akery says:

    If you make a mistake, just click on the food in the tray. It will x it out. However, if it is only one or two items, you might want to hang onto it. You may eventually use it later on in the level. You should have enough space to keep it for a couple of rounds. There is no penalty for getting rid of it but it does take time to do so.

  7. d says:

    How do you change the name of person who is playing the game
    have different grandaughters who want to play under their name

  8. T Akery says:

    Changing profiles is a technical issue with the game. Chances you are have a version that won’t allow you to update the profiles. This issue has been fixed in the later versions of the game.If you got the game from Gamehouse, then you can reinstall a version that has profiles available. If you got it from another gaming website, you need to contact them to get an updated version. Make sure to mention the technical issue and tell them you need the latest upgraded version. If they can’t fix it, I suggest asking for your money back.

  9. Shae says:

    How do win the sword fight in 17-2?
    I can only find a walkthrough on YouTube. I know how to play the game I just cant figure out what order to touch the triangles to win the fight…someone please explain. Thanks for any help.

  10. T Akery says:

    This particular mini-game is a follow the light sequence. The colored triangles will light up in a certain order. You have to replicate that order. Watch for the triangles to get brighter for a second. The sequence goes in 3 lights, 4 lights and then 5 lights. It may be a bit hard to see though. The light sequence starts almost immediately. Hope this helps.

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