by Mackenzie M. October 3rd, 2011 | Game Reviews
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I am always intrigued when I find a video game that really gets me hooked. The Buzz! series of video games does just that. The only qualifications to play are a broad knowledge of basically useless trivia, and quick fingers to buzz in and answer the questions. Although it is not the typical shooting or action game, Buzz! has the ability to reel you in within minutes of game play.

Buzz! comes with four wireless buzzers, which allow you to buzz in, as if on a game show. With the buzzers, players feel like they are part of the game. Due to Relentless Software’s splendid game development, there are no lags on the buzzers, leading to fast, and often competitive, game play. Also, the graphics in Buzz! look great, and all of the characters are entertaining and somewhat odd. The only downside is that there are not many characters to choose from, and there is little to no customization of characters. For many gamers, this is the only criticism. As the game did not require tons of graphic design, many game reviewers believe that more time should have been spent on character development.

Another component that really sets Buzz! apart is the broad range of categories of trivia found in the game. Players can create their own categories, leading to games about anything from trivia about their families, to questions about any subject the player can think of. Buzz! also has built in categories, such as pop-culture, geography, and history. Whoever gets the most points throughout the various games of trivia is the winner; however, the scoring system of the game is very unique as well. Due to the amount and variety of levels, the scoring becomes more and more diverse as the player advances. For example, in a higher level, whoever answers a question correctly has the option of stealing points from another player to add to their own total. After a further advance, the winner gets to toss a pie at the competitor of their choice. Unlike other trivia games, this keeps the levels surprisingly fresh.

Buzz! is sure to promote competition between friends and family, and there is even an online version that allows for a single player to interact with players from around the world. The game was created specifically with party gaming in mind. Since its release in October of 2005, the Buzz! series has grown into a franchise of 18 games, even branching out into a Buzz! Junior line for kids. Although originally only found on the PlayStation 2, the series has branched out to the PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation Portable. Buzz! has appeared on several Best Games lists. Most recently, Buzz! was found on the list 10 Best Games for Non-Gamers.

Buzz! is perfect to bring out at parties, or even for a quick trivia quiz while in single-player mode. The Buzz! bundle can be found for about $69.99 on Amazon.com, and a single game can be found for about $25.00, including controllers.

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