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by R. Carnavale January 1st, 2014 | Tips, Tricks, & Cheats
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Tips Tricks Cheats 3While the Arkham series has a heavy focus on single player, Batman: Arkham Origins has opened up a new avenue for skill and technique, in its very own Batman-ized multiplayer component. Being such an original multiplayer component that takes some learning to get good at, here’s a tip guide to help you grasp the ropes.

Multiplayer tips for gang members: Most of your time you’ll be playing as a petty thug under Bane or Joker’s leadership, so getting cozy with their game play is priority. If you’ve played Gears of War or have skill in basic third person cover-shooting, you’re pretty much good to go, as long as you go in with the understanding that it’s not nearly as crisp and smooth as Gears of War’s multiplayer. The weapons are all a little bit looser, the cover is a little bit less protective and the controls are slightly clunkier, but adjusting to these small nuisances doesn’t take long and should leave you king of the hill. On a side note, when playing as a thug always be sure to look up before moving in to an active area, as Batman or Robin are most likely hanging up above on gargoyles ready to swoop down and take you out. Take pot shots to scare them off, but don’t try to pursue them afterwards, as any good hero player will lead you into a secluded area to take you down one on one.

Multiplayer tips for Batman and Robin: When playing as Batman or Robin, getting killed comes quickly to those who think it’s the same game play as the campaign, so here’re some tips to remedy newbie-ness online.

Batman and Robin cannot punch or free flow like they can in single player, meaning that if you choose to beat up a player the old fashioned way, it’ll take precious seconds that another enemy could shoot you in the back with. So the best way to play as these two heroes is secluded, from the shadows. Get to areas before opposing players do, spray explosive gel over the walls, hop in a vent and watch the action unfold when everyone comes running into the room. This combo of gel takedowns plus vent takedowns is nearly invincible, and nets massive amounts of points for the hero team as well, so if both heroes are doing it, victory should come swiftly. If you’re dealing with advanced players, fly up to a gargoyle and throw in an inverted takedown to spice things up every once in a while.

If you use these tips, you’ll be an Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer master in no time. Have fun dominating the competition!

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