All My Gods

by T Akery April 16th, 2012 | Game Reviews, Online
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All My Gods is a time management game that involves classic building, research, gathering of resources, and delegating responsibilities to the workers. You are the god directing the Romans back into the era of prosperity. Your reward at the end is to become one of the gods.

You start out with a few workers, a couple of basic goals, and one very useful god power to collect things. Unlike other time management games, this is played on one world. The time element comes in when you are playing small areas that are accessible from the main world. These are like little time management mini-games that are short enough for a level of fun, but not long enough to become repetitive.

The freedom of this game is that you can build your city however you like. You are limited on space at the beginning, but expansion comes pretty quickly, and you can set up your city at your convenience. But keep in mind that tearing down buildings and rebuilding them costs resources.

The other interesting twist in the game is that your god powers become more varied as time progress. While in the beginning they are mainly resource collections, you also get the ability to speed up workers or to speed up time. You are limited on using them due to the amount of mana that you have. In some levels, you can send workers to collect more.

The game relies heavily on strategy rather than time management. There is no time table on getting your civilization up to a certain level or completing the goals. You don’t get the classic time pressure that is characteristic of other games of this genre.

The one thing I didn’t really like was the building styles. You weren’t given the option of building examples of Roman architecture. So even though you are in Rome, it feels like it could be any city.

This is a game I would buy, because it is fun to play. I liked the additional god abilities and the building aspect. I also liked that you had creative freedom on building placement and research; however, the replay value is a little low, and not everyone is going to like the god theme.

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